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Condensation and soot.

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2005 Heat N Glo gas fireplace insert. The glass front was wet on the inside with condensation and noticeable soot mixed with condensation.

The intake and exhaust vents are through the wall just behind the unit.

There is also a second gas fireplace insert in the basement directly below this unit.

The unit with the condensation looked like it hadn't been operated for a long time, lots of dust and spider webs in the control area. Also both blowers were inoperable.

What do you think caused this condensation and soot on the inside of the glass. I think the burners need adjustment but also believe we have inadequate venting of the unit as well.

Any suggestions?

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There's nothing unusual about a gas fireplace producing moisture. The cobwebs that you're talking about have absolutely nothing to do with the flame color or how much condensation it produces because the box is sealed away from the interior.

How long did you run it? As soon as you fire up a gas fireplace the water produced by the combustion process will condense on the gas and remain there until you have it on long enough to warm to the point where it can evaporate that condensation.



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I ran it for over 10 minutes and it didn't clear up. My main concern is that the other fireplace is just below in a finished basement. I wonder how that lower unit vents below grade, they share the same vents?

Did they install a chimney between the units or???



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Thanks Brandon, yes, I read that and some other web site info. After reading I would never consider a ventless fireplace for my home.

Where does the combustion air come from? Sure, I would enjoy cracking my windows in the winter to alleviate condensation? Yeah, that's a great idea.



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