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Is this PB pipe?

Ben H

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With the failure rates and some of the stories I have read concerning PB, I would recommend to my clients that it be replaced. Here is some info that fit's right in with your 1995 home.

"In 1995, two manufactures of the raw material used to make polysettled a case and agreed to a $950 million settlement. As the Judge noted...this is a minimum amount. When this money is used up, the defendants can put in more money or the case will become active again. A third manufacturer settled the case by establishing a fund that may provide a 10% reimbursement for property owners with acetal insert fittings, and a leak is not required."

The claim period ended in 2009.


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What I can see from your pic, looks like copper fittings were used. In my experience, most failures were with the plastic fittings, as opposed to the pipe itself. The developed replacement for PB is Pex. There are brass transition fittings to take one from PB to Pex, and they should always be used. If there are copper fittings, instead of plastic, I would call it as an item to be monitored. Further suggest when hiring trades people to work on their plumbing, they be versed in Pb/Pex installation methods.

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