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Info Request: Oregon Heat Pump Water Heaters?


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Yesterday's house had an Oregon water heater heat pump interconnected to a conventional electric tank-type water heater.

Model 220-12

Sn: B2181239

I'm pretty sure that the 2181 is the week and year because the manual on the wall had 381 in the publication number down in one corner. That typically means that's the third version of the manual from that year.

The fuse had been pulled out of the controller so that it wouldn't operate and the one water line connecting it to the water heater was shut off but the other, which didn't have a shutoff valve, is still connected.

I'm just curious about the product and the company. I googled it but didn't find anything on the first attempt.

Obviously, it still shouldn't be hooked up to the water heater - can you imagine the bacteria probably developing in the water trapped in the coils of that thing? Bleaaaaccccch!



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