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  1. The tonnage isn't listed but the BtU code is on all carriers, 48 in model =48000 btu 12000 btu =1 ton 48000btu= 4 ton Same goes for all carrier coils and ahu It may be a certified matchup but it is never ideal to mismatch in my opinion
  2. Get reverse osmosis filter for the steam or get rid of it. We have a 5x5 box full of removed tru steams at the warehouse. Juice aint worth the squeeze
  3. First things first guys, this is an oil furnace which requires tuning to set the air fuel mix and dial in the stack temp to ensure condensation doesnt occur in chimney. The first thing that should be done is a combustion analisys by an oil tech and make sure the burner is set up properly. Oil is not like a gas unit ( plug and play) it must be tuned up annually. One can make many adjustments from O2 levels, oil pressure, and oil flow rate, all of which affect stack temps therefore the potential for condensation. I wont touch an oil burner without performing combustion analisys. Or could be rain water infiltration Install notes; the exhaust/ flue piping MUST always have a positive pitch, yours does not and this is a major concern! around here its against code to add sealant or tape to metal flue piping as its not needed therefore is used to conceal a problem.. Get a good oil tech out to inspect/correct installation.
  4. The cheap home depot models tend to be more difficult to use than the well designed contractor grade models that no one wants to pay for. We use honeywell pro 8000 and even the old timers dont need the instructions to work it
  5. Im curious, how do you guys "check" ac units? A good tech can test ac as low as 55 ambient using superheat and subcooling methods and i prefer digital gauges, while monitoring refrigerant state. But units shouldnt be operated "normally" or for extended periodsnof time below 60 ambient to avoid liquid slugging
  6. Wow, around here most inspectors dont even take the doors off the hvac. Seriously
  7. Is that an absolute rule? I had heard of a rating standard that might allow such an arrangement in certain circumstances. Something about an AHRI listing. Mismatch meaning not the same size (smaller evap) as op stated. AhRi does 3rd party testing and certification of certain matchups and some "mismatch are certified". And yes it is acceptable not ideal in some circumstances but almost always an adjustment to the refrigerant charge would be required.
  8. The furnace must be sized to keep up at peak demand so of course you should get 2 stage (you dont blast the heat on highest setting in your car and turn it on and off constantly) you want a long run time for more even comfortable heat that wont dry out the air as much and is quieter and doesnt put as much stress on heat exchanger ..... True Variable speed will ensure correct air flow thru heat exchanger and coils for proper capacity and peak efficiencies. Variable can overcome poor duct design and thick filters. Most systems have inadequate air flow which variable can address when installed properly Get the good stuff
  9. You got a 4 ton out and 3.5 in Mismatch
  10. HACK. The guy is a hack period. Infiltration from an unconditioned space is major. Any amount of infiltration that can be easily controlled by a proper installation should not be disregarded. Guys like this give my industry a black eye. We use" filter lock" magnetic filter slot seal. Creates air tight seal and cost about $8. http://www.batticdoor.com/filterseal.html
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