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  1. If it had hardwoods I bet the were seriously 'cupped' - Seller says "they lay down nice in the winter"...[^]
  2. I know alot of inspectors who would simply report the attic was inspected "from the entry"...[:-bigeyes
  3. I did not inspect the heat mode of heat pump due to outside temperatures above 65 degrees and the damage that could result.
  4. I do an on site "Verbal Report" (in a guided discussion format) using a laptop and the photos I take during the inspection. Then I send the report as a .pdf (Homegauge written) later that night. Not all the photos I take go into the report; Many are mx recommendations or 'visual notes and reminders'. Clients and Realtors love it. just my .02...[^]
  5. It actually tested dry to the Tramex. The leak had been repaired (according to the current occupant) immediately after they moved in back in Nov. No drywall was replaced though because the complexes maintenance man said it didn't need to be. It looks like it flourished while it was nice and wet, then became the brownish dry 'mold' it is in the picture. Of course there was nothing in the disclosure (according to the buyer, I did not see it) about a repaired leak at the water line stub... I'm never surprised by what people will not reveal....
  6. For those who don't move any appliances, I was reminded again today why I do... Download Attachment: S4026448.JPG 27.32 KB
  7. I get on every roof that's 'safe' to get on. Here near Charleston SC shakes are a real rarity so I'm on nearly every one. I too, find valleys the safest area to ascend. It may look a tad funny but on a steeper roof I'll sometimes 'back' up the valley to keep better foot pad contact... I wear Northface low rise hikers with an exceptional amount of grip. They work great on asphalt shingles.[]
  8. Any updates since the April filing?
  9. Excellent catch... But that roof (the shakes) looks fairly treacherous to me....
  10. I'm split on it. I buy the open cap negates the pressure rating but not the temp... but doesn't CPVC rate high enough to be used anyway?
  11. I just did an 11th month warranty inspection for a client I did the original inspection for last June. Used the exact same PIA (except now it's 2 pages with the FREA required Arbitration Statement) If you're asking about re inspection of previously called out and repaired items. Simply modify your inspection agreement to cover only those items to be inspected.
  12. Hilarious (not that I don't think the same thing!) my 2004 F-150... Download Attachment: Truck Signs 003.jpg 111.84 KB Download Attachment: Truck Signs 002.jpg 108.64 KB
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