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  1. It seems to me that we often just respond to these issues, and the level of our response, as well as our ethical stances, defines us. The only way we can weed out the real issues from the hyped issues is to have more experts teaching us, such as Joe Lsteburek, and by being vigilant in service to our customers.
  2. Here in NY we have a law that weakly addresses the issue, we are hoping that the new consumer advisory board will be strong enough to do something, but based on the state test, we are not too hopeful, the test resembles an infamous online test we are familiar with.
  3. I've used the matrix software from ITA FOR 12 YEARS AND BUILT 2 SUCCESSFUL oops businesses with it, the new software addresses the space shortcomings, and seems to be the next generation of whats available, check it out, inspectnow seems to answer all my concerns,
  4. Steve, I had no idea of the level of talent contained in your little round body, can ya write one about mouthy realtors?
  5. I sometimes feel that we are the ONLY ones looking out for our clients best interests, so I'm on board with asking my clients to reconsider.
  6. I'd always explain that a permanently installed electrical fixture, requires a permanently installed power suppy, but as to making a big deal about it, you played it right if you didn't get the buyer too excited about it.
  7. I was in the same boat in 1995, and I spent the money and have never looked back, if you believe you can do it, go ahead and take the ITA course and get crackin, I believe that working for someone else just lines their pockets, you can do it on your own, but make no mistake, you'll work harder, far harder for yourself, than you ever did for someone else.
  8. As long as we have government Of the rich, By the rich, And for the rich, Meaning the Dems and repubs, we will continue to be ripped off by the special interests, was it Jackson that said something about a revolution every 20 years keeps the wealth from over consolidating?
  9. I grew up in an old miners shack built over a closed gold mine in Jacksonville California, in the gold rush area of the 49er highway, glad it held.....
  10. Painting the ceiling would be akin to taking aspirin for a brain tumor.
  11. Looks like Mr Cramer nailed it, likely condensation and a lack of cleanliness.
  12. when ya see the sloppy way these things are installed, and then we see really random numbers in radon, it just goes to show ya, houses can really suck!!
  13. I would not have done it either, I believe some code (sic) states that clearances must be maintained in front of these areas, and that is good enough for me, like when the workbench is built in front, or the fence, or whatever, I have no problem with other people moving things, me... I'm paid to inspect.
  14. If you look under the hood of these vehicles, you will see a big open pan with a submerged strainer, Just open the bag, dump em in and the trip across town will produce a brand new batch of golden curly fries, suckafish!!
  15. My suggestion is if you do it, charge for the convenience, I got up to $11,000.00 in accounts recievable one time in Ca. and when I saw that, I decided to start charging, and had an extra form, along with the contract, for the client to sign discussing if the deals fails to complete, payment is due within 10 days. I'm glad it is not the way of doing business here in NY, so I don't do it anymore.
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