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  1. Mine do. At first i used a different pdf converter, when there were pictures attached, the files were extremely big. I switched to pdffactory, and this made them smaller so i could email all the pages together. when you print to pdf, remember to save it to your documents, then look at it before you send it to your client.
  2. The only way that i can think of in your case would be to go and start a new page. First start omniform 5.0, then you should have a window come up that says "form assistant". Click on "create a new blank form" and click finish. Go to the tab that says "form design" on the top left of the page, then look for a graphic fill on the left hand side, click on it and then highlight an area on the blank page that you want your photo to go. Mine i fit six photo's per page. When you are done, click on "filler form" on the top left tab. Next step is to put your cursor over the field in yellow, a screen will pop up and say "fill graphic", press "source" then look for you pics. then below that is a button to "scale to fit" That should compress your pics and make them smaller. Then print them as a PDF, like i said before, i like pdfFactory, because it compresses better than the other PDF printers out there. Hopefully this helped.
  3. Hi..I use Omniform. When I email the report to the client, i print it to a PDF format and email it to them as a file attachment. If you don't have the means of printing to a PDF format, google pdfFactory, they have a free program to do so.
  4. Just came across an air handler manufactured by FHP manufacturing: M#: HE023-1AHX S#: BC066783. Anyone have any idea when it was manufactured? Here is a pic of the label: Image Insert: 54.78 KB
  5. http://www.furnacecompare.com/manufactu ... rking.html Is probably a 3 ton unit, manufactured in 2004
  6. It almost looks like a braided fuel line for a motorcycle...which would mean that the cloth is protecting rubber...and protecting it from UV damage.
  7. I came across this a couple of days ago on a house that's 10 years old...this is the only vent stack on the house and it's completly sealed....would'nt you think that the interior would start smelling bad? Download Attachment: Ventcap.JPG 39.72 KB
  8. Hey you can try www.pdf-pro.com. It was free at first, so you can give it a try.
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