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  1. Yeah, I got the same letters last year when I was rear-ended. Not really knowing what the deal was, I set an appointment with one of the lawyers and they sent out a rep. It ended up by me telling her that I couldn't do what she was asking without lying because I actually wasn't hurt. She must have been new, because she said thanks and that I was her kind of person. She probably won't last long! Mike M
  2. Mike O, I'm from Texas and I could easily relate the term "bumpout", to what we call "boxed out", as in a boxed out window. Or at least that is the term that was used when I was supervising the construction of new homes back in the early 80's. Mike M
  3. Looks like it is in a closet or at the end of a hallway? I can see what appears to be a baseboard behind it and also behind the door. Mike M
  4. HA! Which one's not leaking? Isn't that the ultimate goal? Mike M
  5. I have a supra key. These lock boxes are running about 1 to 3 verses regular combo boxes in this area. It ends up paying for itself in the long run, with conflicts in the realtors schedule or just plain laziness on their part. I know I would have lost some inspections without it. It costs me about $400 a year, that's split between rental and membership. Jim, you are suppose to be realtor in Texas also. However, as an inspector you can join as an associate member. Have you checked that out? Mike M
  6. The world would be lost without "duck" tape! Mike M
  7. How many double wired breakers are in that 2nd pic? Mike M
  8. If it's on the inside between the panes, it is definitely due to the window seal being loss. As far as no moisture, I have seen it there one day and not the next, these could just be spots left, a lot like on a glass in a dishwasher. Mike M
  9. [:-party] Wow! I bet Mrs. Faucet is happy!!!!!!! Mike M
  10. I don't know what it is, I'm on dail-up and I have been waiting 30 minutes for the pic to download???????[:-yuck] Mike M
  11. Yea, I agree Jim, I just put a question mark for the age and said it was functioning properly at the time of inspection and left it at that. I was mainly just wondering for myself. This is my first Champion too. Mike M
  12. Sorry, Bruce, no pic. There was nothing wrong with the setup for me to report so I didn't take a pic. The homeowner has lived there for 16 years and he said he thought it was about six years old. Guess, I'll go with Chad on this one. Mike M
  13. Well??? Have I stumped the panel? Cuz, I can't figure it out. Mike M
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