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  1. You see that all of the time in MN, usually with small black stains around the nail penetration. From the lack of the stains I would say that either this is the first winter this house has been through or something with the ventilation / vapor barrier has changed dramatically recently.
  2. Our software works flawlessly to insert pictures into the finished report. The only downside is that they are at the end of the report. For us, it is a matter of uploading the photos, clicking a button that 1. resizes the image (both pixels and file size) 2. displays it and asks if you want it in the report (that way you don't have to review them on the camera.) 3. Inserts the photo and asks for a caption. If you are a decent typist it takes about an additional ten seconds a photo.
  3. We always remove the panelboard cover (and all sub-panel covers.) All GFCI's are tested using both the built in test button and a three light tester (go ahead, start railing on me for not using a Sure-test.) We will not operate any breakers or pull any fuse blocks (just ask Kurt M. why you don't pull fuse blocks.) If a breaker is off we assume it is off for a reason.
  4. bradfeldt

    GE Date?

    I have never understood the necessity of HI's to give an exact age. This would be very simple for me: 1. Average furnace lasts 20 years. 2. House was built in '75 therefore the furnace is either 29 years old or 9 years old. 3. The model # doesn't appear in the Preston manual. 4. The furnace looks old - possibly original. 5. Every HI should know the difference in appearance between a 29 year old furnace and a 9 year old furnace. Obvious conclusion (at least to me:) The furance has outlived its usefull life and replacement should be planned for the very near future.
  5. Chris, The Snifit is for personal protection, not for testing gas appliances. It is meant to alert you when you are entering an area with hig CO levels.
  6. We always used the Monoxor II's in the past but have switched to the Monoxor III's. They run on AA instead of D batteries, have a "hold" display button, and the batteries seem to last longer. We experimented with the Fyrite Pro but immediately gave up due to broken connections on the moisture filter.
  7. You guys keep trying to find a place to sleep. I'll be up all night with MC doing the booze, bs, and cigars.
  8. Brian, I think that is a piece of asbestos (assumed) pipe wrap that has been removed from the pipe and left in the area.
  9. I already have my options set to list the active messages. Is there any way to list only the New Messages?
  10. We have used Radalink for about six years now and never had a problem. If you are in a licensed state they will assist you in jumping through all of the hoops necessary. They also provide you with all of the forms, quality control, and calibrations. I believe we pay $75 a month and $25 per test. Doing just a few tests a year easily pays for itself. They also answer all clients questions and interpret the test results for you.
  11. Rob, Did I read correctly? "I don't generally remove the deadfront..." That is part of ASHI standards and I believe a very important part of the inspection.
  12. Could it be a back drafting water heater that is spilling excessive moisture into the home after the family's morning showers? Coupled with not running exhaust fans you could have a signifcant amount of moisture that would dissipitate during the day time when the water heater is not running.
  13. Is it condensation on the glass or is it between the panes of glass? It sounds more like a failed seal.
  14. You have to look at the other side of the fence as well. I would be willing to bet the quality of work is much better on the job where it is a comfortable 75 degrees inside.
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