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  1. 25% accuracy is pretty good. In what way is that accurate? You believe the Sun Nuclear is better that the Femto Tech? The government set low test standards to get a lot of cheap testing done. The therory was, a lot of bad tests (25%) beats a few good tests. Your Bowser calibration means nothing, zero, nada, zilch about the accuracy of the machine. Calibration has nothing to do with the machines real world accuracy. The Femto tech can scientifically prove accurate to 3%. The EPA can only verify calibration to 5%, so that is the official accuracy. It can not beat Femto Tech, that is the science
  2. When a Sun Nuclear comes back from the factory, it is accurate to 25% or 1pCi/L. It is the not the machine mechanics that is the problem, it is the process. Think of radon measurement as polling. We don't count every piece of radon. We take a sample, based on our sampling procedure you get an accuracy rating. When they say a poll is accurate to + or - 5%, it is not because the people counting the results are not very good at math. The polling (sampling) method is the reason for the inaccuracy. The Sun Nuclear detector size, number of counts, and detector type are the reason for its 25% inaccur
  3. Watched a special news report (60 Minutes type show) on the same issue. The stains were everywhere, they made a hugh deal of it. At the end, they made one quite little statement. " As gross is this was, we could find no documented history of anyone catching anything from the bodily fluids stains in a hotel room. If you think that is scary, have a vacuum cleaner salesman come to your home.
  4. Why would the main copper line have to go all the way main to be a grounding electrode? I have never heard this before. One of my local AHJs allowed a galvanized water line for an exterior hose faucet to be used as the ground when the main water line was changed to plastic. The quote was, it need to have 5 feet of buried ground contact to act as the grounding electrode. Five feet seemed odd for a distance of ground contact, but to the meter even makes less sense.Thanks
  5. I have the strap type and they work great. Yes, I do stupid things with them on, but that's me being a little crazy.
  6. Mr. Connell, You talk about your education and background being different from a home inspectors. My question is what is your background? I have been to your web-site, but have only been able to glean a little information. You sound like a person who has been in a courtroom or two. Experts come in all types, education and background. When evaluating someones writings on a subject, I like to know a little about them. From your posts and your web-site, you seem to be a full-time peace officer that has a great deal of expertise in meth-labs. I suspect that you are possibly thee expert in Col
  7. RADON IS BOGUS? This is really confusing. On one side I have The American Cancer Society, The American Lung Association, The EPA, The AMA, and a host of Universities that say radon is bad. The other side is a full time peace officer and some guys on the web say it is a bunch of bull. A radioactive gas that decays into a form of lead is bad for you? The next thing they are going to say that excess exposure to the sun is bad for you. The study methods are flawed. There are no scientific human lab tests. Apparently it is considered unethical to put humans in unsafe environments and see the he
  8. It's too bad they are dropping the RS 500. It has a lot more features than the RS 300. The delay feature is a great plus and the tamper feature is really nice. It takes a minute to set up, but is well worth it. The RS 800 can't be beat, but the price is hard to take. I am renting the RS 800 and love it. The RS 300 is good, but very basic. I would lease the RS 800 or find a used RS 500 to buy. Good luck Ollie
  9. WOW! You guys make it sound tough. Yeah, I have had a few issues with agents. To the agents when they say "that is not what my inspector does" , I say I'm sorry they don't. I'm not responsible for their inspections. I then re-hand them a card and say " you seem to be a really sharp agent, you need to protect your reputation. I would be happy to give all of your clients a higher level inspection." That shuts up most of them. After a similar statement a couple more time it stops almost all of them (Yes, I never hear from most of them). As for the general contractor, handyman, or friend of the f
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