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  1. Just a first for you. The concern would be higher electric bills in the winter than one would have with a heat pump.
  2. Scott, you don't think we will recognize you in a head dress and moccasins running up and down the trace?
  3. Check for relationship between TREC and electricians union or similar organization.
  4. Would that be the same thing as saying old dogs can't learn new tricks? Just couldn't resist. lol
  5. Recommending an upgrade to AFCI in an older home would open a can of worms.
  6. Have sun glasses professionally fitted and installed to preserve vision. Nice picture!
  7. I see that done quite often. I think the most likely problem would be damage from moving storage around or falling on it. PE will actually stretch quite a bit before it will break. As always if it had a sleeve professionally installed before the concrete was placed would have been nice.
  8. TV cable. I am not sure these guys should be allowed to own a ladder.
  9. What do you all say about this? Click to Enlarge 28.08 KB
  10. A bigger question may be: Can it be fixed? Or will the panel need to be replaced to fix it correctly?
  11. I tried to make contact with him about 3 weeks ago through an e-mail link on his website. The e-mail came back undelivered. A prospect from his area somehow contacted me and I wanted to refer them.
  12. Go to radiantec.com These folks are pretty good to talk to. A new Polaris is around 3500 dollars.
  13. How sad. If only the owners had known, maybe they wouldn't have been foreclosed upon. - Jim Katen, Oregon "If you never spend your last penny, you'll never be broke." - Aunt Gertrude Katen I think there is a lot of truth in that. Sometimes it is as simple as watching where the change goes. If the owners had only known.
  14. I was taking the metal ridge cap of a small barn that I was taking down. The first piece I took off was 8 or 10 feet long and of course I could not see under it until I removed it. Once I had it off and holding it in my hands, I noticed sitting right in front of me a medium to large size black snake. I have never come off a roof so fast in my life. I don't think my brain registered the type of snake until I hit the ground. I can pick snakes up and handle them, but it's the suprise that can make you hurt yourself.
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