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  1. Could the shingles be Masonite Woodruf?
  2. It has been my experience that after the initial start of heavy enough rust you see movement. You don't see move much movement after that as you have lost enough surface area around the lintel.
  3. Mugs & Bugs classic I've slowly been down loading them from itunes for the kids to watch.
  4. Brad, Will the battery last through an inspection? Couple of hours? I'm in the market for a smaller light. Were did you buy?
  5. I under stood that on your first post but fifteen twenty more is kinda crazy. Were starting to act like were five
  6. I sure hope this thread gets deleted it's starting to look like bullying. Makes me hang my head about my profession.
  7. Pretty crazy how people turn to the personal jabs when debating such a heated topic. Now all we need is a sex scandal!
  8. Who cares 2012 it all will be over any way![:-monkeyd[:-tong2] Sorry couldn't help my self.
  9. Page eleven. http://www.cpotanklesswaterheaters.com/ ... 0es-lp.pdf
  10. I disagree with the thickness. Around here it comes in three different weights first one 2mm second is 3mm and third is 4mm.
  11. I inspected a 1880's farm house near El Dorado KS. The whole house was black walnut from true 2"* 4" wall studs to a 18" * 18" hand hewn main beam even the subfloor and roof decking were walnut.
  12. Looking at what I can see in the pictures are you sure that wasn't a tape seem? looks like some one patched the wall with tape but put no mud behind the tape
  13. I multi task well very seldom do loose track on what I have done. But man do I struggle with spelling and sentence structure. Pretty important in this industry.
  14. Are Pot houses common on this side of the border? To be honest I wouldn't have know it was a pot house. I would have seen the hole in the fire place. but I would have just thought wtf and wrote it up. I sure we have all seen the things home owners do and just don't ask why. We see meth houses here quite often.
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