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  1. Looks like a locking 220 plug, the same kind used on most 5k or so watt generators, Maybe it's their backfeeding outlet...
  2. http://www.break.com/cue-the-cuervo/wor ... er-2020629
  3. Did you see any red iron or was it all steel? Matt
  4. You might wanna reword that - unless you meant it the way I read it. Garmin is the easiest, simplest in my opinion, After listening to it tell me what to do when to do it etc.., I named mine after my wife. =)
  5. My thoughts are negative to people who want to live in a clean room instead of freshair (natural immunity buildup)
  6. Jim you're the first person to know what im talking about =) It feels to me kind of tingly but hurts, almost as if a limb has been asleep and is waking up, same reaction for me when I would explain it to others. Matt
  7. Garmin is the easiest simplest in my opinion. I named mine after my wife.
  8. It would be easy to find the clog...
  9. Almost the end of the sedan delivery era. I would prefer a two-tone grey color scheme. Yellow car = speeding tickets. I thought those were indicated by the speed you were driving =)
  10. HUD inspectors have actual smoke that will set off smoke detectors in an airosol (sp?) can. Might not be good thing to do but 3 dollars for a 5 minute smoke grenade at a firework stand...
  11. Michael Napadow used to call folks and discuss their needs. Then he hung up the phone and took their money. Don't know who Mike Napadow is? Search this site for "napadow." There's nothing wrong with being cautious; it beats being scammed. ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike Sorry, I try to look for the best in people but when I get called on my phone, answer and immediately told "please hold" then a recording tells me I just won blah blah press certain buttons on my phone, I start debating fact or fiction. There's just so many people who want something for nothing now days, they will steal and scam to get it. Matt
  12. Scam? Why would they waste labor to call you and ask how you want it shipped when you can fill out one simple form and every piece of data needed can be obtained and processed electronically and automatically? Matt
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