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  1. Are you thinking that this bundling is creating a derating issue? If so you are wrong.
  2. Would that be the case even if the conduit hugged the wall until it reached the ground? I believe the intent is to protect the meter.
  3. Adjacent to a vehicle drive are would require bollards in my area.
  4. That process will only work if the receptacle is a dedicated circuit. You cannot change part of the circuit and leave part 120v while making other part 240v. The #12 is not large enough for a dryer that needs 30 amps.
  5. Several of the issue's you appear to raise are non issues. Your friend needs to get an electrician involved. There are other issues like an equipotential grid you have not mentioned. The double lug is a code issue , it does not matter who owns the house or does the work.
  6. If it is required to be GFI protected, the GFI itself cannot be behind the refrigerator. It must be readily accessible.
  7. I am not familiar with the UFFI, but it sounds like expanding foam insulation. The NEC states that thermal insulation shall not be used with K&T.
  8. Wait..... We can't re-identify wires smaller than #4? Meaning, no branch circuit conductors? In conduit, yes, I know. We're all conduit here. But no re-identifying cable wires? Only whites in a 240 circuit or as a hot in a switch loop when cable is used. If conduit or raceway is used they need to be the correct colors unless #4 or larger. #4 and larger are all black so tape or paint is needed.
  9. Also there is the section that conductors smaller than #4 are too small to reidentify. Wrong for two reasons.
  10. Like the setscrew coupling outside.
  11. Easy enough to check if they are loaded. Looks like the action is open on at least one. Was there no one from the house available to move them?
  12. CO alarms are also not to be installed near the sources of CO to avoid the higher levels until the draft is induced.
  13. Carbon monoxide density vs air. It is almost the same density as air. Carbon monoxide has a molar mass of 28.0, which makes it slightly lighter than air, whose average molar mass is 28.8.
  14. A smoke alarm mounted 5 foot above the floor instead of where the smoke is is not going to be very effective. For CO it would not matter the mounting height.
  15. While the older codes allowed this arrangement , the newer code has removed this exception. If the gfi is tripping it is protecting someone's life, not the food. Not quite sure why people are more concerned with food than a human life.
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