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  1. I have seen the plastic paper protecting the wax ring left on the seal. This caused a restriction which limited discharge.[:-yuck]
  2. I had similar problem where sweated joints weren't adhering. I tried silvering the copper pipe before sweating pipe to couplings, BUT nothing worked. Turned out to be bad Flux. Once i got new supply of Flux everything worked fine. Just a thought.
  3. My thrills are getting out og bed every day and facing the world.[]
  4. I do a visual check of the appliance and will run them to confirm operation. My report states that the appliances were check and found to be operable/in need of repair. I also will take pictures of them and supply these in the report. This provides proof to the client of what was in the home at time of inspection.
  5. Congrats to all. Ah... remember those blissful nights of sleep.[][]
  6. Another thought is using a poly-mor method. It is very similar to mud jacking but uses a polymer base instead of concrete slurry. Check out the link http://www.poly-mor.ca/VE/index2.html
  7. I would agree with John. The OSB is similar to plywood with layered veneers. The orientation of the sheet should be horizontal to the framing. This ties the trusses together and provides for more surface support for the OSB.
  8. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and I ain't beholdin' [:-censore
  9. should be www.recalls.gov
  10. All have one letter, five numbers, then three letters. Last three letters are Date and Place of Manufacturer. First letter is the month, middle is year. year codes are: A = 1980, B = 1981, C = 1982 and so on until 1998. So yes this one is H = 1987.
  11. One would think common sense would dictate. if it appears to be a safety issue then note it as such. Give the client the benefit of your experience and provide an opinion.
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