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Carolina Beaded Siding

Steve O

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I am having Carolina Beaded siding installed during new construction. One end of the Carolina Beaded siding plank has factory-cut notches designed to allow for expansion and contraction when two pieces are butted together. The contractor has installed many of the factory-notched ends up against the j channel in several locations. This means when I look up the wall I can see each factory-cut notch. Not only is this asthetically unpleasing but my weather proofing looks compromised. Can anyone confirm this is not the correct way to install Carolina Beaded siding? My assumption is that the factory notches on each plank that will abut a j channel should be cut off. Can you confirm? Thank you for any information you can provide.

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Hello Steve,

Siding should not be butted up against a channel. Click this link to the Manufacturer's Installation Manual for your product and scroll down to page 59:

4. Always leave room for expansion and contraction into receiving channels like outside corner posts, inside corner posts, and J-channel. If the temperature is above 40°, leave 1/4"; if the temperature is below 40°, leave 3/8".

I didn't see anything about removing the factory notches prior to insertion into the channel.


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Steve, despite Marc being gracious enough to point you to the specific answer to your question, I strongly suggest that you read the entire installation manual. It will give you a far better understanding of what you got for materials and workmanship.

It's just a guess, but if this is your only complaint I would think you got a good install.

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