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Conductor Terminal Ratings


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On conductor terminals? What terminology is used to identify whether the terminal is rated for one or two conductors? Terminal stamp reads:

- 600KCMIL -

- 2/250 KCMIL 1/0 -

See photos for detail.

I think it's just what it says. You can use any single conductor between 600 MCM & #4. Or, you can use any two conductors between 250MCM & #4. The panel label probably contains more information, such as whether or not you can use copper or aluminum. I'll bet that you can use either one, but not both together.

Every time I've seen these kinds of lugs, they have holes that resemble a lopsided figure 8, as these do.

Also note the torque rating. They want these puppies pretty tight.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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