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James Hardie Information & Class

Nolan Kienitz

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I was able to attend a class at the James Hardie manufacturing plant South of Fort Worth in Cleburne, TX this afternoon.

A great class, experience and tour of their manufacturing plant.

This may be old news to many, but JH has created products based on climate zones. They have maps at their website for the coverage areas of the HZ5 and HZ10 products.

I've attached a link to the portion of their website where you can download the "Best Practices - Installation Guide for the various zone products.

Downloads are broken into sections and likely due to heavy duty file size. Very nice graphics in the manual. We were given hard-copies in the class today and I've also downloaded the HZ10 documents for my region.

Don't know if Mike will want to draw these docs down into the library or not.

I'll have to say the time spent and the information presented about the JH product was excellent.

James Hardie - Best Practices & Installation Guide

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Hi Nolan,

Yeah, I've known about the best practices guide for about a year and have been including it with reports where I have criticisms of HP installations. Our area is HZ10.

I think the file size is way too big to upload into our library though.



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That reminds me of the radiant heating class presented by Watts a few years ago for TIJ folks.

As I learned, training straight from the manufacturers easily surpasses most of the mundane C.E. stuff we all have to wade through every year.

The local Texas inspector organization that lined up this and many other classes also gets them OK'd for CE credit for license renewal and ICC units as well.

This particular HI organization (TPREIA ... Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association) is hard-charging and focused on CE for it's membership and all TX HIs. Our $200/annual fee is the one time charge and only the 3-4 day Fall Seminar has an additional fee. All the others are "free". Hard to beat that deal.

There is another HI organization in Texas that also lines up the same classes, but they charge their membership a minimum of $75.00 per each class and non-members get a fee of $125 to $175.

Oh well ... it is what it is.

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