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Flir i5/i7


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I have an Extech i5. It’s my first and only infrared camera. The resolution is 80x80 and is really bad. Honestly you can hardly tell what you’re looking at unless there’s a very distinctive object in the frame. Does it work? Yes, it does work. If you are using it as a part of your normal home inspection to confirm leaks, wonder if there is a gap or missing insulation in the wall it’s great. I’ve found many leaks and lots of missing insulation etc. Along with good knowledge of a building and what areas to look and find leaks it’s pretty easy to use and a great tool to have. I couldn’t tell you how it would compare to a camera with 120x120 resolution like the i7 has but from my understanding 120x120 is the minimum that’s recommended. The better the resolution is, the clearer and better the infrared image is to understand. In conclusion if you can snag one for under $1000 do it. If you are looking at buying new then I would go for something with a better resolution. My camera paid for its self very quickly. It’s a great marketing tool that set you aside from the next guy. Hope this helps.

Kiel Allen

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You really want better resolution. 120x120 is the barest minimum. I can't imagine trying to figure some of this stuff out on 80x80 rez.

Some of the anomalies are so very fine tuned, it just doesn't read satisfactorily on the lower resolution.

The pic in pic stuff is really nice for lower resolutions. With higher resolution equipment and the right palette, you don't really need the Fusion thing; the picture is good enough, you can tell what you're looking at.

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