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Attic unit disconnect


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06' IRC:

E4001.5 Disconnecting means. Each appliance shall be provided with a means to disconnect all ungrounded supply conductors. For fixed electric space-heating equipment, means shall be provided to disconnect the heater and any motor controller(s) and supplementary overcurrent-protective devices. Switches and circuit breakers used as a disconnecting means shall be of the indicating type. Disconnecting means shall be as set forth in Table E4001.5.

TABLE E4001.5


Permanently connected appliances rated in excess of 300 volt-amperes or 1/8 horsepower:

Branch circuit breaker or switch located within sight of appliance or such devices in any location that are capable of being locked in the open position. The provision for locking or adding a lock to the disconnecting means shall be installed on or at the switch or circuit breaker used as the disconnecting means and shall remain in place with or without the lock installed.

The table has other options which are too numerous to copy/paste here. I took a guess as to which one you might want to use.


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