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Cold Joint


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Hello all...

Simple question that I believe I already know the answer to, but would enjoy the perspective of all here.

side note..Ive build homes most of my adult live in other markets, but NEVER built a pool.

So, I hired a company to build this thing for me.

Here is the deal.. They shot it yesterday (gunite) and its just "wrong" about 2 feet short in one whole section, and 6 to 10 inches off on another part of the pool.

I know that even the best companys mess up, the sign of the good companys is how the handle the issues when they rear there ugly head.

I got a call back from them saying that "Yes I was right the pool is in fact wrong" and they where having a meeting with those involved and would get back to me on what was the next move.

OK.. so back to my question. I fear their solotion is going to be just cut out the bad areas and basically redo these to large sections of the pool.

I've built enough to know that cold joint in cementous products are not a good idea unless you intend them to be there. I cant imagine once you throw water into the equation it can be a value resolution to my promblem?

do you agree?

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