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Chicago Attic Access

Mike Lamb

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Would anyone know if Chgo building code has the same requirements for attic access that the IRC does in R807.1?

Same with the requirement for a pan under AC air handlers. M1411.3.1.

At least water heaters have a warning on the tank about leaks which I can reference with my finger and camera.

I'll write these things up but I'm not going to get to a Chgo. public library to check before I file my report.

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I'm not aware of anything that says you have to have a scuttle. The Chicago code is arcane and byzantine, a patchwork of a million things, administered by the Buildings Dept.

You have to have had some contact with Buildings, I'm sure. Lord knows what they might say about an attic scuttle.

What was the issue?

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I don’t care for new construction (2007 never occupied) where there is no attic access. I think the IRC’s requirements are reasonable and I wonder what the Chgo. requirements are if any. I’d like to look at framing, insulation, ventilation, duct work, etc, etc, especially when there are water stains on a ceiling

I have had experience with the Buildings Dept. over 20 years ago pulling permits for work, and it was frustrating to the point where I never pulled a Chgo permit for work again. They had taken wasting my time and theirs to an art form.

I have been to the public library a few times to check their building codes and will just stick with the IRC on this one. Much of their code mimics the IRC word for word.

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