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Looked at a home today that was less than 10 years old.The fireplace , manufactured by Marco,had a tag on the side that said "Intended for solid fuel only".This was a gas fireplace,installed by the builder.I tried to go to the Marco website only to find they have been bought by Lennox.The model # is 792862B.Is anyone familiar with these fireplaces?I'm recommending the buyer contact the local Lennox dealer for info.

Also this fireplace had a lot of soot on the gas logs.I read somewhere that this is can be caused by improper log placement.Is this correct?

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Hi Danny,

It sure doesn't comply with the manufacturer's labeling, does it? When I find that, I just write it up. If the builder begins carping that it was installed "To Code" I point out that it isn't installed to code unless it is installed according to the manufacturer's listing and labeling and then I ask him or her what it might have felt like to them if someone had died because they'd ignored the installation instructions. Check with Lennox.

The log set is sold with instructions that show the way the logs must be placed. Any deviation from that, and you risk impinging the flame and producing very high levels of CO.

Amazing that someone hadn't noticed this at some time over the past 10 years.



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Danny...manufacturers create gas fireplaces so the flames are yellow. This gives the flames the desired asthetic effect that people want in a fireplace. But when gas burns yellow, there's always CO present. And in a gas fireplace, the logs will always have soot on them (unless they never use it).

Something to keep in mind: if the current owner uses it alot (and it sounds like they do, or they haven't had someone out to service it in

quite some time-if ever), the soot lining the inside of the chimney can flash. I would write it up as needing service.

But Mike is right...the logs do need to be positioned properly.

Hope that helps.

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