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Help with subpanel


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I know this is installation is

wrong, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it.

This is a sub in a garage. I know the phone wiring in the sub is wrong.

There's 12 ga Romex feeding a 20 amp dual pole breaker, with the hot and neutral each feeding a leg, and the ground to a bus. The bottom of the breaker is feeding a couple of receptacles. This is effed up, right? Shouldn't the neutrals be going to an isolated bus? Why the double pole breaker? In the main panel the hot is being fed off of 1 leg of a 20 amp double pole breaker, with the neutral on the neutral bus.

I'm calling it out as an improperly wired subpanel-have an electrician correct, but I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what they are trying to do. Is the breaker just acting as an interrupter switch?



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It's wrong and I suspect it's wired that way simply because that's what they had on hand. Funny thing is, if it's just the single 120 volt circuit feeding the receptacles, then they didn't need the panel in the first place. The breaker at the main panel was all that was required. As wired, it's not actually or practically dangerous, although it would be with single pole breakers (fused neutral). But, that's only if no one ever tries to add anything!

I would probably suggest they simply replace the panel with a j-box and a GFCI receptacle feeding the others.

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OY! Yeah, it's screwed up royally. No telling what the original intent was, nor does it matter, 'cause it's fubar. Just tell your clients it's all wrong and it's important to get a smart electrician to set things right.

Brian G.

Emphasis on *Smart* Electrician [:-graduat

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Right. For a 120 volt circuit, the neutrals should be permanently joined together, either on the bus bar or with a wire nut.

It looks like that bus bar is isolated.The panel should be bonded to the grounds.

So it's wrong 3 ways, if you count the telephone cable.

Amateur wiring, so I warn the client there may be hidden defects.

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