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Cardinal - a bright red bird with a tiny brain, named after a Catholic clergyman.

Sorry, but is that the best location it could find to raise up a family? [:)]

Apparently, the home owners NEVER use the front door. The driveway is along the side of the house. As a matter of fact, a lot of folks around here RARELY use their front door - especially out in the sticks. No one ever comes a-knockin'... [:D]

The brilliant Cardinal, probably assumed it was actually a really convenient bright red cliff edge. [:-thumbu]

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Cardinals are well known for building nests in the stupidest places. It's fairly common to find Cardinal nests low to the ground, in bushes that animals can get into, etc.

Real pretty, not real smart.

You know, they are a really strange bird. During my wildlife photography obsession, they were a real challenge to photograph. They like hanging out around urban settings, but won't stay still for very long - very wary and definitley HDD birds, if there ever was one.

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