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Attic Ventilation changes ???

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New one for me today.

2-story, 4000 s.f. built in 2002.

All static vents in attic have been very neatly sealed off. Two of the former static vents (now with sealed covers) have a six-inch flexible metal duct attached and the bottom end of the duct is hanging near the attic decking floor level.

Two "power vents" (thermostatically controlled) had also been installed ... only one was working the motor was toast on the other. BTW - I dislike power vent fans as i can't wrap my head around spending money on electricity to "save money on electricity" to move air from an attic in the summer. The static vents work just fine ... no moving parts, no electricity, etc..

Anyway ... I'm not sure what the former homeowner was trying to do as I've not run across such.

Anyone else seen such?

Sealed static vent port

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49.32 KB

Sealed static vent port with 6-inch flexible attached

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42.5 KB

Bottom of flexible at attic floor deck level

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81.77 KB

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This is just a WAG,

It looks like he was trying to ensure oxygen for the furnace. The power vent will suck it all out at roof level but if he hangs those near the floor maybe he figures they'll pull air into the attic and then up to the underside of the roof and that will prevent his power fan from causing that furnace to backdraft. (Though that makes absolutely no sense unless we're talking about the heating season and then it doesn't make a helluva lotta sense anyway.



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I wonder if they had ice dam issues and figured that they needed increased ventilation, more than the passive vents. Then someone thought they needed to bring air in for the furnace. Then one thing led to another and there ya go.

I don't think they get too many ice dams in Dallas[^]


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