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Shower Seat Construction


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I did a final inspection on a home yesterday and noted high moisture levels on top of, around and below the shower seat. The client had taken of 4600 pics during construction and said he'd look up the pictures of the seat.

This is what he sent me and he asked if water got below the tile and onto the seat, if it would be a problem.

My reply was: There's probably a wood structure below the brick (he confirmed it was) and that the brick is not water proof. I also told him I have concerns that the right of the seat side is not sealed at the Hardi backer, but that the Hardi backer is cut out for the seat. This seat looks like it's tied into the wall structure and water could end up there due to the lack of sealing the seat at the backer.

His reply was "What can be done about it?" "The only thing I know is to redo it and put a liner up over the seat this time or live with it this way" I told him

What are your thoughts? Personally, I've never seen a seat constructed out of brick and I'm assuming they did it this way because they felt the brick was "waterproof". I guess I should have recommended weep holes for the brick.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif showerstall.JPG

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Super Sized Version

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif showerstall2.JPG

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