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SEC entering the home as separate conductors


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On yesterday's inspection the service entrance conductors entered the home as separate conductors (2-hots & uninsulated service neutral) up through the floor, and then up about 4' into the base of the service panel. There were a few wire ties installed to keep these 3-conductors bundled together.

How should I best call this out? (both clear reporting language & code references are welcome)


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From the 06' IRC:

E3701.2 Allowable wiring methods. The allowable wiring methods for electrical installations shall be those listed in Table E3701.2. Single conductors shall be used only where part of one of the recognized wiring methods listed in Table E3701.2. As used in this code, abbreviations of the wiring-method types shall be as indicated in Table E3701.2.

TABLE E3701.2


Armored cable AC

Electrical metallic tubing EMT

Electrical nonmetallic tubing ENT

Flexible metal conduit FMC

Intermediate metal conduit IMC

Liquidtight flexible conduit LFC

Metal-clad cable MC

Nonmetallic sheathed cable NM

Rigid nonmetallic conduit RNC

Rigid metallic conduit RMC

Service entrance cable SE

Surface raceways SR

Underground feeder cable UF

Underground service cable USE

E3701.3 Circuit conductors. All conductors of a circuit, including equipment grounding conductors and bonding conductors, shall be contained in the same raceway, trench, cable or cord.

" The electrical conductors that bring power to the main breaker are unprotected. They should be either sheathed together or enclosed within conduit."

" An electrician should either replace the service entrance conductors with an approved cable or enclose the existing individual conductors within a single conduit."


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Marc -

You may have crossed paths from one of my best friends with the same major as you that was there at about the same time. Did you know Kris Walker?

Thanks again for you input.


Faces I know, names I don't, because back then I never heard them.

I don't recognize you from the photo on your website but then people can change a lot in 30 years.

Brick City was a wonderful place to learn, and party.


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