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Cameras, again...

Douglas Hansen

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So once again, I'm looking at getting a new digital camera. I've been quite happy with my string of Olympus cameras - current model is the 3040, at 3.3 megapixels, but it's time to get what I'm missing.

I'm interested in stuff that shoots in the 5+Megapixal range, is compact, has removable memory (flash card or smart card), and that does a better job on close-ups than my Olympus. Most of all, I'd like something that doesn't take up too much space in my luggage (I'm a road warrior for a living). Any suggestions?

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1) What are you shooting that requires more than 3.3 megapixels?

2) Do you need zoom >3x optical?

My C-730 UltraZoom is 3.2 megapixels & has reasonable macro capability. I have found that inadequacies of image quality are more often my inexperience w/ the equipment than problems w/ the pixel range. IOW, it's the settings, not the camera, that may be limiting you. Do you consider yourself completely competent & knowledgeable about your cameras settings?

What about media? Many newer cameras are now using X-Cards instead of Compact Flash or SmartMedia. If you have a lot of media cards you want to reuse, this may also be an issue.

What's the budget range? There are some "SLR" type bodies w/ interchangeable lense systems that are finally getting within range of the budget conscious. Are you ready to commit to that level of investment (which is substantial, simply due to the proprietary nature of lense systems).

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I use a Nikon Coolpix 5700. It has more bells and whistels than I need but it allows me to install a wide angle lens. You can also get a macro lens for great closeups.

It is a little bigger than I would like but it takes great pictures.

The battery does not last too long so I keep a charged spare in my camera bag.

Most of the shots on my website were taken with this camera.

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