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water pipe bonding... another question


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House I looked at today had a mix of copper and poly plumbing and a few pieces of PEX at the newly installed water heater. Cold line did have a bond wire on it within about a foot of water heater. Due to PEX, the bond is not carried through WH and remainder of copper.

Since most plumbing is hidden, I don't know if they have copper, poly back to copper.

What I am getting at is trying to figure out what the point would be in running a bond to the hot line at WH to re-bong lines as they were at one time. With all the poly, does not seem like it will do much good other to equalize potential (with electrical system) for the little bit of copper I can see.

Write it up or keep moving?

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I have read that copper pipes over 10' in length need to be bonded, but don't quote me, maybe that's just somebody's rough guideline.

A couple of copper stubs around the WH? Don't sweat it. That's a pun, BTW. [:)]

I thought the purpose of the bond was to cause a breaker to trip in the event that the pipe becomes energized, no?

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