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Roofing tar on a basement interior wall??

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A housing inspector suggested I post this topic. I need help understanding what, if anything, can be done to remedy the following problem. For no reason I can understand, a waterproofing company used Black Jack Roof and Foundation Coating on my INTERIOR walls, covered with plastic, and said this was better than what I wanted to do. I wanted them to put Aquafin on the walls, primarily to make the old, dinging, unfinished part of my basement look brighter and a little cleaner. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do. The house stinks like tar, the basement is black and ugly. Any ideas?

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Me too. The applicator is a moron.

There's no reasonable way to fix this that I can think of. It's pretty much the opposite of everything you'd want to do.

I'm not necessarily sure you want Aquafin either. I have a bunch of questions about the exterior, interior, drainage, and other waterproofing details before I'd have a clue about what to do here.

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The Blackjak asphaltic foundation coating is designed for the exterior. I have never seen it used on interior walls.

Blackjack makes an interior coating. I suspect that someone told the contractor about the Blackjack interior product and they bought the wrong stuff. I recommend that you call the manufacturer for guidance.

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