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Found 25a 2p


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Went hitting the stores this morning as promised,I did find a 25a 2p sq-d homeline breaker at lowes.

They didnt carry them for any other brands though,had no luck at ace hardware/true-value.Havent been to menards or home depot yet today,but the day is still young.

You guys were right about them though,this is my way of admitting I was wrong on that one! [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]

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We are all wrong some times, I know I have been. My wife says I'm rarely right!

It's one of the ways in how we learn.

Learn to what, keep your mouth shut, maybe? [:)]

I'm never wrong, so I've just quit insisting I'm right all the time.

Jim, welcome and thanks for the feedback. It's a fast changing world out there and we need to keep up with it if possible.

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