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What year did they say "No staples"

Charlie R

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I have brain-lock, what year did the say that you weren't supposed to use staples on asphalt three tabs? I'm looking at a roof that was supposedly replaced in 2002 but I think only some of it was replaced and most of it is the original 1988 roof with staples.

I believe it was the 2000 IRC that stopped recognizing roofing staples. Of course, your area might not have adopted it for several years after that.

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The codes mention roofing nails and a requirement that they comply with ASTM F1667 (which also includes some staples). If the roofing manufacturer wants to have staples approved under the provisions for Alternative Materials, Design, and Methods, they can do so by obtaining an ICC Evaluation Service Report.

If you look on GAF's web site, they will tell you they don't ever recommend staples. Then if you look here http://www.gaf.com/Roofing/Residential/ ... 321-v4.pdf you will find an ICC ES report that does allow staples for that very manufacturer's product.

Most of the problems with staples are the result of poor installation. If someone takes the time to get the staples in the correct orientation, in the proper nailing zone, and sets the pressure properly, they can be OK. Odds are you will find lots of other problems with their placement, not just the fact that they are staples.

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