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Basements in Oklahoma City area

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I am considering a move to Edmond Oklahoma and building a new house.

Being from Wichita Kansas, I am used to having a basement for both living/storage space and tornado protection. Looking around OKC, Basements are very rare.

I have a builder who says he can do a basement house, but I am concerned. Can anyone enlighten me on the issues with basements in the OKC/Edmond area, and what to look for if I proceed.

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My son just moved back to NE Kansas from Comanche OK, near Lawton in the SW of Oklahoma. He said in and around that area most homes did not have basements under the homes. But they had cellars out in the yard about 30' from the house. Reason being if a twister came they didn't want the house caving in on them. But they also have a very high clay content to their soil as well. Most if not all shelters were underground with very few concrete safe rooms above ground.

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