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Pan Abode Cedar Homes

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Hey All,

Looks like I've got an inspection of a Pan Abode cedar home coming up. I seem to remember inspecting either a Pan Abode or a Lindal Cedar Home about 8 or 9 years ago up in Goldbar. If memory serves it's a sort of panelized log system but I might be thinking of another brand. Anyone seen a lot of these? Anything specific that comes to mind to watch out for?



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I think you got it right, cedar logs all cut to stack up like a toy log house.

If they've maintained the roof and gutters, the walls should be ok. I'd be checking all the exposed ends.

If there's been additions, they will have cut pieces out that shouldn't be cut, maybe.

I put a lot of roofs on Lindal Cedar houses back in the 70's. They went minimal on the insulation, especially when they had vaulted ceilings. I remember having to drive long nails through shakes and two layers of that beaver board into the roof deck, which was also the interior ceiling. What's that, about an 1 1/2" of particle board insulation? They weren't all like that, though.

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