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remodel bathroom 2

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Rather than have a thread that's 43 miles long, I'll start a new one to continue.


1) On the insulation to go in the walls prior to putting up wall coverings, is fiberglass batt with paper backer all I need or do I include additional or other vapor barrier methods?

2) We have switched to 12" tiles and are still not totally fixed on the exact layout. However, when it comes to the layout, I'm wondering about spacing techniques where walls meet other walls and such. With the various length walls due to tub surround area and closet, some perpendicular walls are not the same length. This has me thinking that positioning for termination cuts might be different on opposing walls.

For instance 58" wall in the shower surround has an opposing perpendicular wall of 107". So spacing the end cuts for these opposing walls might be different. Is it ok by industry standards to have different length end cuts on opposing walls? What about where perpendicular walls meet at corners? I guess even length cuts at all junctions are a pipe dream. I know the world is not perfect but with many choices, I'd like some input on good thinking. I want to get the layout with regard to the end termination cuts nice as it can be for the dimensions of the room.

What are the most important things I should be trying to achieve here?

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Symmetry is the key. Do a dry layout to stay out of a trap. Focus on what you'll see once it's decorated again. Don't drive yourself nuts trying to make everything perfect. It ain't gonna happen.

If you're using big tile on the walls, get some cotton clothes line and use full length runs of it for your spacer. It works great. Just yank the rope out the next day and grout it.

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