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Identification of material.. Insulation?


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I was working on removing a old window in my old field stone basement and I noticed a small amount of what looks like insulation. Its soft almost like cotton or wool. I have some pictures at the following link:


What is this? There was a very small amount, should I be concerned? Should I have it tested for Asbestos?

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It's impossible to tell from looking at those photos. The stuff looks like it might be blown-in fiberglass.

A test costs about $35 - $40. Have it tested and if it turns out to be asbestos go from there.

Since you've been exposed to asbestos in one form or another in the environment your entire life, and you've apparently been living around it, and it takes about a quarter of a century to metasticize, if it turns out to be asbestos, what is knowing that going to do for you?



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