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need advicce on new roof


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We need to replace our roof and would like members' thoughts about our options, or suggestions where to get advice online.

We live in the San Francisco area, with dry, not-very-hot summers and rainy winters, in a one-story house built in 1919. Instead of attached gutters, our house has curbs at the edge of the roof and drainpipes through the roof. The roof beams project about a foot beyond the roof edge (the style around here in 1919). These roofs usually fail first on the vertical part of the curbs, where the asphalt is exposed to sunlight.

Some folks around here have cut off the beams and added gutters, but we want to keep the original style of the house. We don't have AC, but a "cool roof" color might make the house more comfortable during our few hot days. I've been told that official "cool colors" are costly, so I'm curious if there is an effective, less costly alternative. We're also interested in adding tubular skylights (such as Solatube), and possibly in having photovoltaic panels

The existing roof is tar and gravel. I don't remember the exact roof slope, but have been told it's OK (not great) for shingles. I understand that the options are:

- tar and gravel again

- bitumen, thermoset, or thermoplastic membrane over the whole roof

- membrane roofing along the edges (curb/gutter), and composition shingles over the rest

- foam roofing

- maybe metal with I'm not sure what regarding the curb/gutter situation.

We would be grateful for your input. Thanks!

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Put up some pictures; it's hard to know what's going on.

With what I surmise so far, modified bitumen, but there's a lot more important stuff to consider beyond roof covering material.

Pictures; that'll make it relatively easy to know what to do.

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