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24V DC lighting

Kyle Kubs

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Hey Gents.

Have a new mystery today. Have three main panels over this hot gutter and under is a bank of 24v transformers. And another one next to a sub panel in the attic. Now I've heard some old houses once had DC lighting systems, never seen one but heard of them. But this is a 1962, very modest split level. Seems to be an anomaly, the original owner was apparently an electrician. I'd say he was an industrial electrician by the looks of things. There are three more panels in other places. But the only thing I can figure is that these must be for DC lighting. Didn't take the time to break out the multi-meter, it was just "one of those" inspections and way too much left to do.

All the wiring is still 14 ga. so it shouldn't be too hard to convert everything, since most of this will be ripped out anyway. Any thoughts?

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I see a bank of what seems to be DPST relays immediately below the gutter.


Your right, there are switch contacts on the top, but what could this be for? And what is the point if the signal wire and load wire are the same gauge? Nothing else anywhere in the house gave any impression of being other than a normal electrical system.

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Hey. Sorry to question & drop out of sight, again... The extended weekend from HELL on top of being WAY too busy lately.

Yah, Kurt, their all Stablok panels. Six of them actually. They won't be there much longer.

Things weren't making sense to me about the relays cause none of the lights switches were low voltage switches, until I remembered the listing agent saying something about the house initially being set up for electric baseboard heat that was never finished, but changed to F/A which is the current heating system. There were electric/line voltage, thermostats in several rooms and that now makes a bit more sense.

I'm not used to relays in residential construction. Use them plenty in electronics and high amperage industrial equipment, automotive electrical but they look a lot different than these.

Marc, the Bul. # is 700.

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