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General Aluminum Windows


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Good morning,

I have two clients who have recently called me after discovering; 1-damaged/moisture logged wall base, 2-damaged, water logged engineered hardwood flooring, beneath their windows.

House number 1 was built in 1994, wood frame, plaster stucco. On this home the plaster stucco runs to grade. No rain gutters.

House number 2 was built in 2002, wood frame, plaster stucco. Stucco terminate with a weep screed. No rain gutters.

At the time of the inspections, no visible signs of failure were observed. At this time our clients are not faulting us but are looking for solutions (but certainly could in future).

Based on our history in Jacksonville and the age of the homes, in both cases, the homes will simply have the windows inserted into the wood framing, and nailed to the face of the oriented strand board wall sheathing using the nailing flange/fin. One layer of felt back lathing. No secondary weather barrier. No window flashing (flexible or other). No head flashing, either.

We have had several significant weather events in July/August, two tropical storms, and several stalled fronts, that have dumped inches of water at a time. The bulk water has finally found a way into the homes.

I know that the only solution is to cut back the plaster stucco, remove the windows, repair the rot, and reassemble with appropriate weather barriers, flashing, etc., which we will do. Now, the question(s).

The common denominator in both houses is the brand of windows. They are builder grade General Aluminum windows. I have not discovered anything specific regarding any claims against this window manufacturer. I suspect that the sealants have failed at the sill to jamb intersection.

I cant prove it yet as we have not disassembled the wall sections yes. We do plan on documenting what we find when we get there.

Any information regarding General Aluminum Windows would be helpful.

Additionally, and based on my recent experience, I am wondering if I should make specific comments in any future reports, regarding the potential failure of this specific brand of windows. That's an awfully large number of homes in our areas. Many of the national builders were using these windows.

Thanks in advance.


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