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Backfeeding panel

Jerry Lozier

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Sellers inspection..

Seller very proud of sq D panel and subpanel. Says his setup works to backfeed subpanel through 4 prong RV outlet on exterior with his 5k generator. (Outlet and panel looked good)

He said he had to change out some GFCI receptacles because they fried.

I encouraged him to have a licensed electrical contractor check out the system, install a proper lockout on main panel breaker so it doesn't backfeed utility. (and get a permit)

My question:

why would backfeeding blow (remote) GFCI's because seems to me once the power gets to bus bars nothing would be flowing backwards..... backwards just thru RV outlet???

Inquiring minds need to know, what am I missing???

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I don't see how a GFCI could know whether the utility or a local power plant is feeding it. I suspect something else was going on that the seller didn't mention to you.

If the installation doesn't include a transfer mechanism of some kind, it's hazardous. I do it all the time during hurricanes. [:-paperba


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