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Need firestop info


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At that time I think the building code in your area would have allowed it. Assuming that Humbolt County was using the 1970 UBC, section 3204(b) would have allowed a common attic up to 3,000 square feet.

Today it would require a rated fire partition. As to "how long has that not been allowed?" it looks like a requirement for a draft stop separation went into the 1982 UBC, and the modern version of this (requiring at least a one-hour separation) would have been in place starting in 1994.

Aside from the fire spread issue, it could also be a security issue for the tenants.

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I wouldn't be as concerned about the open crawl since fire usually goes up, though if there were gas-burning appliances down there my opinion would be different.

Saturday didn't meet my expectations, and my specific questions at the time went unanswered. At least I got to check it off the list of things I thought I wanted to do someday.

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