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A/C coil compatable


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Question #1 My Rheen Air Handler unit model #TWLE036P13F80 SERIAL 3 3424XSM2V is a R22 system. I want to change out my condenser unit which is a R22 system with a R410a. Will my evaporator handle the new R410a unit?

Question #2 If I decide to change the evaporator can I just use the current model number and tell suplier I want a R410a evaporator?



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Phillip got it right. There's no compatibility between R22 and R410A systems.

I'd absolutely change the line set too. Residual mineral oil in the old set will wreck havoc on the new system. It has zero compatibility with R410A. You could wash them out but that's a detailed process that might cost more than installing a new set.


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