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H Vent? WTH


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This is a weird way to vent a kitchen sink. Anyone seen this before?

The waste is on the right with no vent above the waste. where you would normally see a vent or a studor vent. The pipe runs across the back of the cabinet and down into the crawl where it ties into the waste again. What the heck?

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Looks like someone trying to make an island vent. They're not very clear on the concept.

Here's a description of what they were trying to do, from the UPC:

Traps for island sinks and similar equipment shall be

roughed in above the floor and may be vented by

extending the vent as high. as possible, but not less

than the drainboard height and then returning it

downward and connecting it to the horizontal sink

drain immediately downstream from the vertical

fixture drain. The return vent shall be connected to the

horizontal drain through a wye-branch fitting and

shall, in addition, be provided with a foot vent taken

off the vertical fixture vent by means of a wye branch

immediately below the floor and extending to the

nearest partition and then through the roof to the

open air, or may be connected to other vents at a point

not less than six (6) inches (152 mrn) above the floodlevel

rim of the fixtures served. Drainage fittings shall

be used on all parts of the vent below the floor level,

and a minimum slope of one-quarter (1/4) inch per

foot (20.9 mm/m) back to the drain shall be

maintained, The return bend used under the

drainboard shall be a one (1) piece fitting or an

assembly of a forty-five (45) degree (0.79 rad), a ninety

(90) degree (1.6 rad), and a forty-five (45) degree (0.79

rad) elbow in the order named. Pipe sizing shall be as

elsewhere required in this code. The island sink drain,

upstream of the returned vent, shall serve no other

fixtures. An accessible cleanout shall be installed in

the vertical portion of the foot vent.

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Ok' never seen that but they sure didn't follow the code, not that I do a " code" inspection. They piped it upstream before the waste, and the waste ran uphill. Plus they used some weird cloth with epoxy for the joints

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