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Brick Overhang


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I saw this on a home yesterday, and was wondering what could cause it. Is it just shoddy building, or has something actually caused it.

The brick veneer would start out being even with the wall, but as you see in the pic, it eventually protrudes over the edge of the foundation by about 3" in some spots. It also does this on the opposite wall, as well as several corners of the exterior wall.?

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif brickoverhandleftside.JPG

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My guess is that the foundation is out of square and the carpenters started in the corner where the brick is flush with the foundation and ended with the sill plate one inch from the brick ledge to keep the framing square. The carpenters should have stopped when they found this condition but my guess is they just kept going and decided that the masons would solve the problem later and you see the result.

A quick way to check this theory is to take some measurements and you would find that one side of the foundation is shorter than the other.

Is this a new house?

The exposed blocks should be covered with cement plaster.

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