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New FPE Article

Douglas Hansen

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Thanks Douglas,

That is some good information to back up our reporting requirements here in Washington State. Unlike Kentucky, our board wanted things like this mentioned. Unfortunately, the AG wouldn't allow us to use specific brand names when we wrote the SOP so the SOP simply says that inspectors must report equipment known within the home inspection profession to have safey concerns. We've had a few inspectors who've taken the attitude that these panels and another brand were never recalled so they must be perfectly OK and there is no need to report them. This is a document every inspector here needs to have tucked in the bottom of his clipboard.



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So, would it be illegal in Kentucky to just add a link to your article in the inspection report? I'm sorry I never saved the letter I received in the late 80's from an attorney who insisted that our inspection company stop telling our clients that the FP breakers and panels were a danger or they would institute action against us. Evidently they got a copy of our report from someone who had a relationship with FP. We didn't stop and they didn't act.

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I'm always curious about what might happen if an HI simply began a campaign to alert the public to the total bullshit approach of their government? They can threaten your license, but they can't remove your 1st Amendment rights.

Seems ready made for a news media expose'.

I wish Illinois would do something that stupid; I'd build a marketing campaign around it.

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