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What is this red sprayed on mold inhibitor?

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New construction has this red sprayed-on mold inhibitor stuff on some of the framing in the basement. The constrution manager said it's an organic mold inhibitor. Purple faced sheetrock will also be installed.

Not sure how effective the stuff will be with the hit and miss coverage. And the framed wall leaves only about an inch of clearance to the foundation.

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If you never mentioned it being a mold inhibitor, I'd have guessed it was fire retardent.

I was on a commecial job that required any dimension lumber we used for lavatory fixture blocking and other, be fire resistant, and the people overseeing the project made damn sure we were using it.

All of the 2x6s we used were real close to that color, but they came that way. There was no spray on anything. Not even for end cuts.

We ended up being one red board short of what we needed. I'll stop here.

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