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  1. ...how did you get to cutting that...this isn't an Inspection?
  2. ....many of our century homes are in disrepair....many small towns trying to grow again...I see more century homes than I'd like....new home warranties end after 7 years...so i may see 6 year old homes...I go to open houses to see what's coming up...
  3. ...I checked out his website a few years ago....I like his price system...won't work where I am yet...but the older the home the more expensive the fee...I do that now for all century homes...so much to see and report....
  4. It's been awhile...I've missed lurking here...my wife had a stroke little over 4 years ago...worse type too and between building my new business and taking care of her I had zero time for anything else....earlier this year I had to place her in long term nursing care... ....she's in the right place...... Give your wife a big hug guys.... Steve Airborne..huah
  5. The insp the other day had me on high alert. Client got my name from a lawyer, kinda good. The home was a local builders....kinda good... As always walk into the home and pretend that the cameras are rolling.....and then write the report like my mom will be using it....I was thanked by the seller when I left, yes they were there. And again by the client.....I felt the pressure a bit on that one....
  6. Pretty powerful stuff. Thanks Mike.... Ex Coelis
  7. I did my mom and dads home. Cost them about 5 grand worth of needed repairs and upgrades. Mom has my sense of humour, so she likes to remind me, about how the inspection can't hurt....
  8. Very interesting topic....always trying to improve the 'phone call'....and not lose it...many very valid points.....I think that I will add a pricing start point to my website and see how it goes. I know I charge more than some, and some charge crazy Mike Holmes amounts... Can't hurt to try.....gonna start this experiment soon.... Thanks guys
  9. Bill, do all valves follow the same rules for the date...hand stamped? I usually can get the year of the furnaces, from data plate and gas tech inspection date etc....Having one more means to confirm would be great.... Thanks Steve
  10. So other than looking like chicken wing sauce....what is that stuff and what is the common trade name for it....thank you
  11. Yes, he is tightly wrapped, and stands up when challenged...we both have met many people like that...I do follow what's written there and have seen him fence off several attackers with a measured response....regardless....his articles and arguments are well written on the subject of mold and a few other areas.
  12. For those who don't frequent Inspection News, read anything from Caoimh?n P. Connell on the mold subject. His posts should be mandatory reading on this subject. Stephen G
  13. There are many veterans here and we have all have spent more than one day in harms way...Tonight is a symbolistic party celebrating the new coming year....friends and family get together and make 'Toasts' to something.... Well, I would like you to say a toast for those who are serving somewhere on this tiny blue planet (third from the sun)...a toast to Absent Friends... Absent Friends Stephen D Gazo CD Master Warrant Officer (retired) Airborne.....!
  14. Inspected a home last year that was the site of a marital separation gone sour...hubby hooked up the cars exhaust...you get it...so My clients and I are in the garage, I see French louvred doors, open them to find the AhU is getting the fresh air from the garage, into the home. 2 large car garage. I look at them after starting my worst case scenario, to see them with ashen faces and stunned looks.......ok I rewind what I just said....garage...exhaust, potential for....it turns out the realtor did inform them that the husband committed sideways, in the garage......all that aside, the clients purchased the home...didn't care what had happened....wonder how they woulda felt if they didn't know
  15. My cost per inspection is XXXX.XX....always. The newspaper I buy 7 days a week from Mr Kim is a buck. One dollar, daily, weekly and weekend...always....I inspect one home and you expect to get a reduced inspection rate. Did you ask the realtor to drop the commission? When the judge says the HI is responsible for 50% of costs, can I get that reduced commensurate to the reduced rate...nope. My inspection rate is thus. Period...you want Fast Eddy and that guy from the printing palace at half my rate... Hire who you trust....money shouldn't be a part of the equation...
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