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Code for man doors in a Tri-Plex

Terence McCann

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Took a look at a Tri-plex today.

It was a 1600 sq. ft. home that had been sub-divided. Called the city to meet me there as well.

Long story short it was a very dangerous POS. Refunded the money, no report written.

Question: Each unit had one man door leading into the suite and that was it (one of the entry doors measured 5'8" high). Anyone know what the IRC has to say about this?


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The IRC requires at least one door, minimum size is 3' x 6' 8". It also must be direct access to the exterior, not through a garage. If you have the 2003 it's under R311.4.1 & R311.4.2 (Building Planning / Means of Egress).

Brian G.

Egress - Gressing Via the Internet [:-slaphap

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