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21 Things Every Home Inspector Should Know

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A Rookie's Book Review by Frank Neis

I’m new to the home inspection business and am excited about this new career adventure I’m embarking on. When I first began exploring the profession, it was difficult finding good, factual information that is relevant to newcomers. Sure, there were plenty of texts pertaining to how to inspect this or that, and various other technical aspects of the profession, but there was nothing that really laid out everything that a rookie needs to know, if he or she wants to enter this profession with both eyes wide open.

When I queried veteran inspectors, many offered helpful suggestions, but many more were either reluctant to share information or told me horror stories about the profession – possibly hoping to scare off future competition. Then, someone suggested I read 21 Things Every Home Inspector Should Know by Frank Cook and Pat Remick and my eyes were finally opened.

“21 Thingsâ€

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